JET-15004 User Defined Material Lists

User Defined Material Lists

User Defined Material List PDF

Ever need to breakout materials into different lists? The User Defined Material Lists command can be used to create Unit or Add / Remove Lists that will also do math when exported via the Output menu. 

  • Quickly Add and Subtract Material Lists for Options.
  • Quickly create Unit base Material Lists when drawing Multi-Family Structures.
  • Quickly Export separate Unit based Material Lists.

Steps – Create a User Defined Material List

  1. Create your model as you normally do and design if required. To create your material list select User Defined Material Lists from the Clean Up and Output  tab Input Lists group. The User Defined Material List dialog will display.
  1. Type the desired Material List Name (Unit A1); this is the name that will show at the top of the Layout Material List.
  2. Select Yes to Associated to an Option setting; this controls if the list is an Add List or Remove List.
  3. Set the Option List Type : Add List or Remove List
  4. Type in the desired Option Name ( ); this is the name that will be in the Layout Material List title and Export Material List Dialog.
  5. Select the Objects to be included in the material list by clicking on the Joists, Beams, Walls, Connectors & Accessories… To speed up selection you are able to use Windows selection functionality by dragging a box around the desired objects. The Object will highlight green when selected. Right-click when your selections are complete. If you missed an object or would like to double check select the User Defined Material List, right-click to bring the context menu up and go to Material List > Modify Material Selection and select additional items.
  6. Repeat steps for additional units or material lists.

From the Output Menu > Material List Exports the system will do the math for you. If you are creating options with add and remove lists, the Export Materials List command will do the math for you when placing a check beside the desired list(s).

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