JET-14001 Total Lengths Material List

Save time with Total Lengths Material List

This could save you and your sales team a lot of time, making quoting / pricing faster and more reliable.

In addition to generating a detailed material list, did you know that Javelin can also add up the total length of each product?  

  • The system takes care of the math
  • Save time and costly math errors
  • It can be added to your existing schemes
  • Use it for quoting or input into Point of Sale system

To add the Total Lengths Material List to complete job files:

Complete your drawing as you normally would with Material Lists.  


  1. In Plan View Select > Job Properties…
  2. Expand Job Settings > Output: Layout Material List > General > Show Total Lengths = Yes
  3. Click OK to close Job Properties, the new Material List will display on your layout automatically.

Note: If you create a new scheme or rename an existing scheme make sure to update your Template for new Javelin files.               

Existing file: Open Job Properties > select Job Settings > select your scheme name (if the name has changed). 

Setup your Schemes… for future jobs

"Home" > Settings > Schemes… Expand Job Settings > Output: Layout Material List > select scheme name > General > Show Total Lengths = Yes.

This Total Lengths Material List can also be printer on its own for your sales team to produce system type job quotes or used to input into point of sale system. 

  1. In Plan View Select > Text Annotation> Print Material List
  2. Select the Total Lengths Material List in the plan (highlights green)
  3. Right click mouse button when done selecting materials list desired in the report.
  4. Select Print To method: Screen / Paper / CSV file.
  5. Select desired Costing information for report.
  6. Click OK to display ------>


Note: The Total Lengths Material List does not get added to the Grand Total of the report, but has its own Sub Total.

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