JET-15001 Perpendicular Blocking

Perpendicular Blocking

Are you spending too much time adding Perpendicular Perpendicular Blocking automatically when using the Auto Frame or Generate Accessories commands.

  • Quickly add Blocking by Products and Spacing 
  • Quickly add Blocking by Distance or number of Joist Bays 

Settings – Creating your Scheme…

  1. Open Javelin select Home > Settings > Schemes...

  2. Expand Per Level Settings > Floor Container

  3. Select a Scheme, click the copy button Scheme Name or modify the select Scheme.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the grid, looking for Blocking. Change the setting from None to Match Joist Product or Blocking
  5. Set your desired Perimeter Blocking On Center Spacing.
  6. Select your desired Perimeter Blocking Length Specification. The can be specified by Distance or Number of Joist Bays (Joist spaces).

  7. Input the desired Perimeter Blocking Distance or Number of Joist Bays (Joist Spaces).
  8. Once changes are complete, Click OK to exit Schemes...

  9. Apply your new Floor Container Scheme to your Building Building Style. Select the Setup menu and Building Styles...

  10. Expand the desired Builder Style and select the desired Level to apply the new Scheme.

  11.  Select your new Scheme from the list of Floor Container Schemes available. Repeat steps 10 and 11 as necessary.

Note: This will only affect new job files; if the job is already created, open the job and select the Floor Container. In the Properties Grid change the Current Scheme. This will update the framing defaults. Click     Generate Accessories commands (Remember! - the first thing this command does is delete all accessories). 


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