JET-1509 Print Member Reports

Print Member Reports  

There are a number of ways to print member reports from Javelin® Software but what is the quickest way to print just the EWP Joist, Beams, Window Headers and Post in one package? Try using the Print Member Reports command.


  • Quickly filter down to the desired member report without trying to figure out what member you want in the file.
  • Create one document with all the EWP Members from your job.
  • No need to select members before opening the report viewer.


  1. Once the job is complete, with NO MEMBERS SELECTED, Click Print Member Report button on the Analysis and Design tab. This will open the Output Member Report Filter dialog.
  2. Changing the Member Types to Yes will display all of the available member types Toggle the undesired members to No.
  3. Filter the Design Status to Designed members only.
  4. Filter Level to All Levels or Current Level
  5. Material Category can be filtered to display ALL, EWP, Dimensions Lumber or User Defined members.
  6. Click OK to pull up the Report View and send all of the member to the system default printer. This send to the printer can be cancelled by clicking Cancel button on the Printing - ARNet Document Dialog.
    Leaving the Report Viewer open.
  7. Once the Report Viewer is open, it is possible to select and Print Checked Report from the File menu to create a consolidated report.

Tip: Set your PDF Printer as your Windows default printer before using this command. You will not need to Cancel during Step 7


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