Offset Bearing Walls

The Wood I- Joist Manufacturers Association (WIJMA) provides clarification on the transfer of loads through the floor system from load bearing walls above. 

Offset bearing walls are perpendicular walls that DO NOT line up with a support below. 

The International Residential Codes allows the placement of offset bearing walls within a specified distance from the support without any design calculations for conventional (2x) lumber floor framing. However, this is not true for i-joists because of the unique cross sections which transfers loads differently than a solid section. With i-joists offset bearing walls must be accounted for and should be designed in accordance with manufacturers literature, software, or consultation.  Typically perpendicular non-bearing light framed walls can be ignored in design. 

For more information click on WIJMA - Offset Bearing Walls detail

For design of TJI joists with offset bearing wall use ForteWEB software

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