Deck Lateral Load Connection to a TJI Floor System

The International Residential Code (IRC) includes provisions for resisting lateral forces of an exterior deck that is attached to a structure. Specifically, 2012 IRC R507.2.3 and 2015 IRC R507.2,4 require connections at two locations that resist a minimum lateral load of 1500 lbs per connection.

The following two details show methods of properly connecting the deck to Prefabricated Wood I-Joists that are oriented either perpendicular or parallel to the deck framing:


Deck Framing Perpendicular to TJI Joist Floor Framing




Deck Framing Parallel to TJI Joist Floor Framing

For more information refer to the Wood I-Joist Manufacturer's Association or download a copy of the WIJMA Deck Connection Detail.

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