Product Design Values

Trus Joist® product design values can be found in the Specifier's Guide for each product. For design values not listed in the Specifier's Guide, Weyerhaeuser's Code Evaluation Reports website can be used to select the code report for a specific product.  The most common Evaluation Reports are shown below.


  Specifier's Guides
Evaluation Reports
Products Included

TJI Joists Specifier's Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-1153


US TJI® Joists




Specifier's Guide - Eastern Canada

Specifier's Guide - Western Canada

CCMC Report 13132-R


Canadian TJI® Joists







Beams & Columns Specifier's Guide

ICC-ES Report ESR-1387   

Rim Board







TimberStrand® LSL,

Microllam® LVL,

Parallam® PSL Headers and Beams

TimberStrand® LSL Rim Board

TJ® Rim Board

e-Rim® Board

 TJ® Rim Board


Specifier's Guide - Eastern Canada

Specifier's Guide - Western Canada

Microllam® LVL CCMC Report

Parallam® PSL CCMC Report

TimberStrand® LSL CCMC Report


Trus Joist® Beams,

Headers and Columns



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