What is Dead Load (DL)?


Dead Load's are permanent loads that must be supported by the structure. ASCE 7-10 defines dead loads as consisting "of the weight of all materials of construction incorporated into the building...". These consist of "walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairways, built-in partitions, finishes, cladding, and other similarly incorporated architectural and structural items, and fixed service equipment..."

Generally, the customary floor dead load is 10-12 PSF (pounds per square foot) for floors, 12-15 PSF for roof rafters and 20 PSF for roof trusses. However, these may increase when a heavy finish material, such as brick veneer walls or tile floors/roofs, is specified. For these situations be sure to communicate to the designer that you want certain materials for floor and roof considerations, including heavy appliances. This is important to keep in mind for both floor performance and structural integrity of the members.

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