Oriented Strand Board or OSB is a versatile engineered structural panel often used for floor decking and wall/roof sheathing. Logs are debarked and then cut into rectangular strands that are arranged in cross-oriented layers to produce a panel that is strong and consistent. Weyerhaeuser offers several OSB products for structural applications.  Weyerhaeuser Edge™ and Edge Gold™ panels are the panel of choice for starter homes to dream homes.

Weyerhaeuser Edge™ has self-gapping tongue-and-groove edges that automatically gap panel edges the recommended 1/8". This allows for easy installation, making these panels efficient for tight construction timelines.



Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ panels, aside from the tongue and grove system, have Down Pore® technology that allows rainwater to drain from the floor. This is extremely important during construction as the panels remain drier and stay flatter, facilitating finish flooring installation. In addition, these panels come with a 200-day no sand guarantee. Below is a video link to show how it works.

How it works! Video on Down Pore® technology

Edge Gold


To view the OSB mill tour click here  

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