Submitting a Request to the Trus Joist Technical Support Team


In addition to providing product pricing and availability answers, the familiarity your local Trus Joist Dealer or Distributor has with local building codes and practices means they can be a good resource for technical support on your project.  To find a local supplier, use your zip code at the link below:

Trus Joist Dealer/Distributor



The Technical Bulletins listed below have been developed to address what, if any, repair is needed for some of the more common issues faced on a jobsite.  Using Trus Joist Technical Bulletins reduces downtime by eliminating the need to communicate the project and damage information back through the supply channel. 

 TJI Notched Flange Repair Analysis

Evaluating Holes Within 12” of Bearing

TJI Joist Header Off Joist Table


Repairs outside the scope of the Technical Bulletins are still sometimes possible, though some damage is significant enough that the only solution is to replace the product.  Large notches, holes outside what is shown in literature and impacts from forklifts are examples of situations where replacement is often necessary.  If you have a damaged Trus Joist product on your jobsite not addressed in our Technical Bulletins and would like us to evaluate it, follow one of the options below.

  1. If the Trus Joist products were sized by your local dealer/distributor, they can assist you with this process. Simply provide your dealer with the completed repair request form (see link to blank form below) and they will work with us to analyze the situation.
  2. If calculations are not available for the damaged products, you will need to provide us the completed repair request form (see blank form below) making sure to include the following:
    • Digital pictures of the damaged area and product stamps
    • Any sketches or additional information needed to accurately convey the loads, spans and damage to the damaged member

The example repair request forms, pictures and sketches below will assist you with what is needed for us to analyze the product.

Click on the links below for video tutorials on collecting and submitting this information. 

Once you have all the information we need to do a repair evaluation, attach the files and send it to us here: Submit Request



 If you have questions or need technical support for Trus Joist products, feel free to contact the Technical Support Team by phone at 888-453-8358 or contact us online here: Contact the Trus Joist Technical Support Team


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