Should Weyerhaeuser OSB sheathing be installed with the edges tight together?

No, all OSB sheathing should be be spaced approximately 1/8” during installation.

The tongue and groove joints of Weyerhaeuser floor panels (including Edge™ and Edge Gold™) are designed to simply be slid together without using significant force. The tongue of the panels is slightly longer than the depth of the groove to allow for a slight gap along the panel edges.

All floor, roof and wall panel edges that do not have a tongue and groove should be spaced approximately 1/8” during installation—this is noted on the panel grade stamp with the words “sized for spacing”.  The 1/8" gap allows for the expansion that occurs when the panels are exposed to moisture during construction.  See our Floor, Roof and Wall Panel Installation Technical Resource Sheet for more information. Video-Installing OSB correctly

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