TJ-Pro™ Rating

Weyerhaeuser believes that the TJ-Pro™ Rating System for Trus Joist® TJI® joists is the most comprehensive indication of floor performance ever developed for wood-based assemblies.

We have thoroughly investigated floor performance for floors framed with TJI® joists and structural composite lumber(SCL) products. We have conducted field investigations of typical assemblies and a comprehensive subjective survey of field floors to investigate the relative "feel" of these typical floors. The components of a floor assembly that can influence the feel of the floor include: 

  •  joist stiffness and spacing
  •  joist span
  •  continuous member or single span
  •  deck stiffness
  •  composite action between joist and deck
  •  effects of ceilings and bridging
  •  effects of transverse partitions
  •  whether supports for joists were walls (considered rigid) or beams of some defined stiffness

The proprietary algorithm behind TJ-Pro™ Rating takes these elements into account. TJ-Pro Ratings
are correlated to customer satisfaction which takes the guesswork out of floor system design. For more information see page 4 of the TJI® Specifiers Guide and our Fine Tune Your Floor brochure.

More information about floor performance is also available in Technical Bulletin TB-104.  Since floor performance is influenced by many factors, it's best to model the specific job conditions in our software.


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