Replacing a TJI®Joist

Trus Joist® TJI®Joists are alternative construction materials to those prescribed in the International Residential Code (IRC). The ICC Evaluation Service report number ESR-1153 qualifies TJI®Joists as acceptable framing members per code. Because of this, replacing a damaged TJI®Joist with a new joist is judged similarly to dimension lumber and allows for product literature to be used in verifying adequacy of the replacement product. 

When replacing a damaged joist, it is recommended to leave the damaged joist.  A new joist should be installed within 3 inches of the damaged joist (either side).  For joists spaced at 24" on-center (or greater), a new joist may be required on each side of the damaged joist due to sheathing span ratings. In reviewing adequacy, the damaged joist should be ignored and the new joist verified by using product literature (TJ-4000) or software.

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