Javelin Program Settings Which May Affect Performance

Javelin Program Settings Which May Affect Performance
Undo – Redo Level: Changing this setting to “Off” can reduce memory usage as well as speed up performance. For example, turning off Undo-Redo during plot cleanup allows each label and hex move operation to complete sooner because an undo save is not performed with the move of each label or hex. However, when operating without the Undo safety net you may have to do quite a bit of rework if you accidently make an unwanted change.
Save Preferences\Auto Save: Auto Save can make some operations take much longer than expected. Turning off Auto Save or increasing the Auto Save interval can reduce the amount of time you wait for an auto save to complete. The downside to these adjustments is that you may lose work if you forget to periodically perform a manual save.
View and Selection:
a. Dialog Settings: Changing this setting to “Always” can make the system seem slower as you are waiting for dialogs to display and close.
b. System\Prevent Label Collisions: Setting this to “Yes” can cause dramatic slowdowns. Never turn this on with large jobs.
Warnings and Messages: Choosing to show all messages can make the system appear slower as you are waiting for message dialogs to open and close. Customizing warnings to only display messages you want to see can improve perceived performance.
Walls\Wall Update\Auto Renumber: Setting this to “Yes” can have a negative impact on performance. 
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