Creating a Steel Plate or Column Caps on a Post

In Javelin there is currently no way to input a steel plate or column cap connector on top of a column to take advantage of higher end bearing capacities. The system will use the Vertical Member value in Job Settings of 812psi, which often
controls bearing design as it is less than the bearing strength of SCL beam material. This value (812psi) is based on end grain of stud or trimmer for solid swan lumber.

The following steps will show how to increase bearing capacities for the beam that is supported by steel and how to control the bearing strength of the beam material (1090psi). The 1090psi value is a factored resistance; apply the appropriate formula from CSA 086 to the specified strengths shown in Specifier’s Guide on page 5.

For more information check the following links to Javelin's Efficiency Tips

JET13004 Creating Steel Plate-Column Cap

JET13008 - Specifying Column Caps on a Material List

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