North West Region (WA/OR/HI/AK/MT/ID/WY/UT) Trus Joist Product E-Binder

This binder contains relevant market design guides, technical information and product specification language to aid you in the specification/use of Trus Joist products.  

Included is a Trus Joist Design eManual spreadsheet which takes the user directly to code reports, design guides, and technical bulletins which reside on Weyerhaeuser corporate servers.  This way these pieces of literature are always updated for your use.

Please download the .zip folder that is attached to this article. After the download is complete, extract the folder within and save it to your desktop.

If you prefer a hard copy, please contact your local Trus Joist representative. Contact information may be found in the Trus Joist Design eManual spreadsheet’s first summary tab.

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