Weyerhaeuser OSB panels

Access and download all Weyerhaeuser OSB literature here - Weyerhaeuser OSB Binder

This binder contains relevant market design guides, technical information and product specification language to aid you in the specification/use of Weyerhaeuser OSB products. 


Additional info on OSB products from the APA, The Engineered Wood Association, can be found here - 

Some top APA Technical Papers -

  • Customer Service Tip: Assessing Water Damage After A Flood -  APA-X501
  • Wood Moisture Content and the Importance of Drying -  APA-TT-111A
  • Ceramic Tile - APA-TT-006C
  • Hardwood Flooring - APA-R280G
  • Mold And Mildew - APA-A525B





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