JET-14003 Create a new NBCC 2010 Scheme

Create a new NBCC 2012 Scheme

Are your job using the 2012 Building Code?

With release of Javelin 5.3, we have added a new building to settings.

  • Are you jobs using the 2010?
  • Stop the questions from Building Officials 

Note: upgrading to newer versions of Javelin and using an existing database will never add new Schemes, Building Styles or Templates to your system. 

  • Update/ re-Scheme Existing jobs.


  1. Open Javelin > Home > Settings > Schemes

  2. Expand Job Settings > Design: Building Code Settings
  3. Select NBCC 2005, click the Copy button.

  4. Select and Rename the “Copy of NBCC 2005" and change to “NBCC 2010”
  5. Change the NBCC 2005 Building Code to in the list box under General 6. 
  6. Click OK to close Schemes…

    Now we need to point your Templates to the new Scheme…

  7. Home > Settings > Templates

Re-scheme... an existing Jobs file:

  1. Open the existing job
  2. Select  Job Properties (Ctrl-J)
  3. Select the parent level of Job Settings
  4. Design: Building Code Settings Change the NBCC 2005 in the list box
  5. Click OK  to Close Job Properties.
  6. Design the job with new settings

Note: if the job was designed a (high) Design Results Lost message will display when closing Job Properties.

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