Framer Series™ Lumber

Framer Series™ Lumber is Southern pine lumber that is graded to a higher standard than typical lumber. Weyerhaeuser's patented computerized grading system ensures that every piece starts straight and stays straight. Framer Series™ lumber is performance tested to meet specific strength and density requirements making it more stable than commodity boards and ideal for any application. With this system, Weyerhaeuser’s Framer Series™ lumber comes with-the crown clearly marked to speed up installation. Aside from a better grading standard, Framer Series™ Lumber now comes protected with an effective anti-stain agent that provides sapstain and mold control. 

■ M-9, M-12, and MSR 1650 values meet or exceed those of #2 SPF and #2 Southern pine, making Framer Series™ Lumber acceptable for use in any code-evaluated application that allows those products.

Weyerhaeuser Framer Series® Lumber

Specifier's guide Framer Series® Lumber



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