StrandGuard® TimberStrand® LSL

Weyerhaeuser manufactures zinc borate treated TimberStrand® LSL sill plates, columns, and studs using our patented StrandGuard® TimberStrand® LSL process that provides protection against structural damage caused by wood-destroying insects and decay. The zinc borate is added during the manufacturing process so the product is treated all the way through and does not require field treatment when cuts, notches, and holes are made. It is important to note that StrandGuard® TimberStrand® LSL is intended for interior construction that is not in contact with ground, but may be subject to dampness (AWPA Use Category 2), such as sill plates. For exterior applications, including products in contact with the ground, Weyerhaeuser manufactures Parallam® Plus PSL that can be used for these applications.  

Timberstrand Treated Sill Plates



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